- on the wall this artwork is a framed 24"x48" high-resolution, state-of-the-art digital chromogenic archival print -
I was born in the land of opportunity. Some people call me Baby Joe but like most people, I'm a lot more than meets the eye, ear, heart or mind. Born Joseph Albert Dawson, I was named after my uncle, and my grandfather. I'm the youngest but certainly not the slightest . My Mother, Nellie, picked up early on that I observed everything intensely. I grew up all over the world, but my heart resides in the Colorado mountains. I could see early on that life was going to be a hard climb, but somehow putting others on my broad back made it easier. Over the years I discovered I had the brains, the brawn and the drive to do it. Legal issues are my line of work and not for nothing, I help people. I weigh the scales whenever I counsel my clients, catch a fish or shoot a worthy deer. However, what counts most in my book is family. More red than blue, I am proud to be an American, with all the freedoms and complexities that entails. This doesn't preclude me from enjoying myself now and then. However, when it comes to flying, it's safer, especially in my family, to travel with your Mother. Some say it's a dog's life. Then again, dogs don't get the benefit of elder law or the hug of a brother or sister who's traveled far to see you.
©2006 DIMONSCAPE® by Roz Dimon.